The New Jersey Psychiatric Association Review

The New Jersey Psychiatric Association Review

The New Jersey Psychiatric Association is a professional organization of about 900 physicians who have huge experience in the treatment of mental illness. The NJPA is a District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association, the center for family guidance, and is the official voice of organized psychiatry in New Jersey. The portal can be also used to find the best psychiatrist in NJ.


The mission of the NJPA is to serve its members’ professional practice needs. The association strives to:

  • deliver essential practice management tools;
  • foster physician wellness as the foundation of successful practice;
  • support the development of NJ psychiatrists in training;
  • educate the public and New Jersey’s lawmakers on the science of psychiatry;
  • continue education programs;
  • promote the professional standards of psychiatric care;
  • advocate to protect the interests of patients and their families.

About the NJPA

The NJPA was founded in 1935. It was initially known as the New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Association. It is the official voice of organized psychiatry in New Jersey. The Association includes over 900 top psychiatrists in NJ. The NJPA has 5 regional chapters (Central, Northern, Southern, Tri-County, and Ocean-Monmouth) and the Residents’ Chapter for physicians in psychiatry residency training programs.

Members of the NJPA have either an M.D. or D.O. degree and have undertaken proper training in the field of Psychiatry. Board Certification means that the person has completed psychiatry residency training and also passed an examination in General Psychiatry or Geriatric Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, etc..

Goals and objectives

The New Jersey psychiatric association has the following objectives:

  • best clinical practice standards;
  • highest ethical standards of professional conduct;
  • professional risk management services;
  • prevention, care and sensitivity to patients, as well as sympathy for their families;
  • the choice of treatment for the benefit of the patient;
  • evidence-based treatment principles;
  • patient protection;
  • American psychiatric association malpractice insurance;
  • respect for other medical professionals.

The existence of the Association is designed to solve the following problems:

  • to promote superior quality care for people with mental disorders and for their families (including mental retardation and drug-related disorders);
  • to promote psychiatric education and research;
  • to develop and represent psychiatry as a professional activity;
  • make regional independent medical evaluations;
  • to serve the professional goals of its members.

Important: the new website of the NJPA can be accessed at