Williamsburg Therapy Group Review

This clinic is rich in skilled and professional psychologists and psychiatrists. They are engaged in quality mental health care. They serve the residents of New York City. The headquarters of this clinic is Brooklyn, New-York.

This clinic provides the following services:

  • individual therapy;
  • psychiatry&medication management;
  • couples therapy;
  • family therapy;
  • anxiety&depression;
  • cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • addiction;
  • business partner therapy;
  • severe emotional conditions;
  • neuropsychological assessment/testing.

Williamsburg Therapy Group offers patients to undergo psychotherapy, psychiatry, neuropsychological evaluation, or any combination of these services. These services may be combined if it is recommended by psychiatrists after the examination.

This clinic has 3 offices in New-York. They are:

  • South Williamsburg, 62 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11249;
  • North Williamsburg, 190 North 10th St., Suite 312, Brooklyn, NY 11211;
  • Greenpoint, 223 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222.

You may choose one of them and make an appointment. Their active phone number is 1-347-765-0904. Their email is contact@williamsburgtherapygroup.com. They also have a contact form on the “Contact Us” page. Use it if it seems the most convenient way for you to address this clinic.

Payment Options

This clinic accepts card, cash, or check. Every patient may get a $5-discount when paid with a credit card or check. This clinic established the following rates for 50-minute talk therapy sessions (including individual, couples, family, and child/adolescent therapy):

  • the directors’ fees range from $405-355 per session;
  • licensed senior psychologists’ fees range from $255-355 per session;
  • post-doctoral psychologists’ fees range from $180-205 per session.

The appointments with Dr. Shane Konrad or Dr. Robert Roy have the following rates:

  • an initial hour-long evaluation – $455;
  • 45-minute psychotherapy appointments – $395;
  • 30-minute follow-up appointments – $355.

Meet the Team of Williamsburg Therapy Group

The staff includes 20 specialists in the sphere of psychology, neuropsychology, psychiatry. They are:

  • Dr. Daniel Selling, Psy.D., licensed psychologist;
  • Dr. Naomi Ben-Ami, Psy.D., licensed psychologist;
  • Dr. S. Shane Konrad, M.D., psychiatrist;
  • Dr. Robert Roy, M.D., psychiatrist;
  • Dr. Jacob Kaplan, Ph.D., licensed psychologist;
  • Dr. Shira Schuster, Ph.D., licensed psychologist;
  • Dr. Sharon Asher, Psy.D., licensed psychologist;
  • Dr. Regina Lazarovich, Ph.D., licensed psychologist;
  • Dr. Sarah England, Ph.D., licensed neuropsychologist;
  • others.

Call for making an appointment with one of the doctors mentioned above or surf the website to get acquainted with all the staff.

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