11 Sings of Latent Depression

11 Signs of Latent DepressionSign#1: People can deliberately try to look as if they are doing well and even constantly have a good mood

If you think that people with depression are always dull and gloomy, then you are mistaken. Depression cannot be characterized as just a bad mood. Those who live, constantly experiencing depression, can learn to control their superficial emotions and even be the happiest person. All people are different from each other. Quite often, people with deep latent depression control themselves in public and look quite positive, regardless of what is happening in their inner world. No one wants to upset others with their problems, as a result, they have to hide their true feelings.

Sign#2: Latent depressed people may take some medications

There are serious treatments for depression such as medications and a course of therapy. Besides, there are also daily habits, like a lifestyle. For example, certain music, exercises, walks, in general, may help them get out of a depressive state. Latent depression is really terrible, especially when a person is forced to fight it alone.

Sign#3: They may have big problems with a breakup

If you have ever been depressed, then you can understand that this is a heavy burden, and not only for someone who is depressed but also for someone who is surrounding. Sometimes, when you get someone too close and let him see your struggle and misfortune, that person simply leaves. It’s hard to blame those who leave, but for a person with depression, a usual separation can result in a constant feeling of neglect and loneliness.

Therefore, they often hide depression, even from loved ones. After all, there is nothing more painful to understand that the dark side of your soul is so terrible that even a loving person cannot accept it.

Sign#4: People can make up stories that justify their actions

People living with various types of depression experience many difficulties that can interfere with the normal course of their lives. In such cases, they come up with all sorts of excuses covering up their heartache. Most often, they themselves do not want to admit that they are going to step up a threshold, so they know very well how to hide their condition.

Sign#5: They may have strange deviations in food intake or on a daily regimen

These symptoms may seem minor, but they have serious consequences. One who lives trying to hide his depression sometimes shows only slight hints of it. Excessive or inadequate sleep is one of the most obvious signs of depression. The same thing with food – if your loved one is eating too much or too little, then this is an alarming sign. Sleep and nutrition are the most important elements of health. A person is able to control these elements on his own. Depression creates such conditions that people take control of themselves. Sleep – it may be the only way to turn off your consciousness and get away from pain, or, conversely, become an impossible achievement because of obsessive thoughts.

Sign#6: People may have a more serious view of the substances they consume

A person struggling with depression knows very well what and how affects his mood. They know that alcohol is a depressant. If you drink too much, it will be impossible to cope with your depressed mood not to reveal it. They are also well aware that caffeine and sugar cheer them up. And they know very well what they should not be disturbed with.

Sign#7: People can have very clear but difficult to understand ideas about life and death

Not everyone with depression has suicidal thoughts. However, depression often provokes thinking about the meaning of life. A person begins to frantically search for all the answers to vital questions, realizing that everything inevitably goes to death. Such frequent diving in painful thoughts can lead to the problem when a person won’t be able to stop in time.

Sign#8: Depressed people are most often talented and expressive

Many of the best artists, musicians and leaders in our world who inspire us are also struck by mental illness. Such a depth of emotions experienced by them most often results in their work. They are able to combine the good and bad parts of their souls and show the beauty of life through the shadows of the emotions that they experience.

Sign#9: People often look for the meaning of something

Everyone wants to have a purpose in life. We want to be sure that everything we do, we do for the good. Be sure that we are moving in the right direction. And people with hidden depression also want all this, but with even greater thirst and great despair. Feelings of fear and inadequacy of what is happening are far from new for those whose minds are depressed. And very often, such people want to somehow compensate for their internal fragility and vulnerability. Therefore, they can change directions in which they go much more often and be incredibly enthusiastic about the search for true happiness.

Sign#10: Sometimes they can show their pain and give a hint that they need help

Even a person who has already adapted to his depression and knows how to live with this burden sometimes needs help. But such cries of despair from people who always look strong are easily overlooked. Sometimes it’s simply dangerous for them to be alone, even if they say the opposite. And if suddenly they were able to open up to you and tell what is happening to them, then know – this is one of the most important moments.

Sign#11: They seek love and support, like all people

Not showing your soul demons to the world does not mean acting dishonestly. People live hiding their depression in order to gain protection. Protection for their hearts, and the hearts of the people who surround them.

We live in a world that forces us to hide everything that looks ugly and gloomy. But we are not required to do so. And the best thing you can do for people with depression is to understand that they need love and support, like every person on the earth. Never turn your back on someone who is struggling with himself. Cry when you want it. Open your soul, despite the fear of being misunderstood.